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Bagan Archaeological Museum

The Bagan Archaeological Museum is located in north of Bagan, in the Old Bagan region. A museum was built in the northern part of Bagan, by U Sein Kho, who was the stone tablets specialist from the Myanmar stones tablets department. He collected the ancient stone tablets that were found around Bagan and displayed these in the museum. That m useum was opened to public in 1904.

Within 60 years of establishment, the museum had collected sufficient amount of ancient artefacts from and near Bagan. Therefore, the museum needed to be enlarged and renovated for more exposure. Then in 1979, another museum was built and opened to public.

The new Bagan Archaeological Museum was opened on 17 April 1998. It is now a three storey building built in an octagonal design as the base. The building is fully furnished with Myanmar handicrafts.

The ground floor consists of (1) the main hall, (2) Arts and Crafts of Bagan Era, (3) Languages and Literatures, (4) Portraits of the Bagan's society and battle fields, (5) Archaeological Designs.

The first floor consists of (1) Ancient Pagoda's portraits, (2) Ancient wall paintings (3) Buddha's artistically designs, (4) Buddha's images.

On the top floor, you can see the most scenic view of Bagan and it's prehistoric pagodas.

The Bagan Archaeological Museum is one of the most important places you should visit while you are in Bagan. The museum opens daily from 9 am to 4:30 pm.